Who we are

The company is located in San Marzano Oliveto, in the heart of Monferrato.
Combining the idea of ​​revalorizing the territory together with the possibility of being able to use very large spaces, Raimondo and his son Daniele (hence the name Tenute RaDe) created a technologically advanced cellar, where Daniele takes care of all the winemaking phases.

At Daniele's side is his wife, Ilaria, who has now become one of the pillars of the company, and part of the Cusmano family works with them.

The story of a family

The winery was born in 1988, when a family man, Raimondo Cusmano, left the city and his Sicilian origins to give life to the dream of producing wine in Piedmont.

Over the years the projects grew and the vineyards expanded: today we have 45 hectares spread across Monferrato and 5 estates in the heart of Piedmont.

Production now sees the eldest son, Daniele, at the head of the company: he therefore decided to realize this bond with a line that represents the best selection of their grapes.

Tenute RaDe embodies not only their names, but years of experience for an increasingly refined and perfected quality.